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Club Rules

Out of Bounds

List of Rules
  • Defined by inside points, at ground level, of large white stakes and fence posts.


List of Rules
  • White stakes / lines : Out of bounds
  • Yellow stakes / lines : Water hazard
  • Red stakes / lines : Lateral water hazard
  • Blue stakes : G.U.R (Ground Under Repair) or flower beds

Immovable obstruction

List of Rules
  • All appliances connected with the sprinklers, drainage system, refreshment kiosk, shelter, fixed seats, protective fences, litter bin, yardage marker “PURING” Tree, lamp poles.

Integral Parts of the course

List of Rules
  • Big stones / wooden lakes through the green except when surrounded by flowers are part of the course. All roads and paths that are not artificially-surfaced anre deemed to be integral parts of the course.

Protection of Young Trees

List of Rules
  • Protection of young trees defined by supported-stakes on the tree. If interference exist, the ball must be lifted and dropped without penalty in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 24-2b.

Dropping Zone

List of Rules
  • All players should play from the dropping zone when their balls enter the pond as below: Orchid Course * Hole No. 7 and 8