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History of the club

Lotus was picked by founding father Mr. Nobuyuki Murakashi when a team from Nagano Golf Club Japan came to Indonesia during ground breaking period. He was fascinated with lotus flower “at Kebun Raya Bogor”. Philosophy of Lotus is to grow beautifully and always above water, in any circumstances Lotus plants stay sturdy but flexible. It reflects our business that we must strive, sustain our business in any condition. Lotus also have many benefits for health, all parts of Lotus as leaf, stalk, flower, stamen, seed, buffer flower like a beehive or sponge and bud seeds. All of these are useful as antioxidant also good for cancer. Lotus plants are regarded as highest in Greek myth.

And Lakes, described as “Water” it is fresh, tranquility, powerful, and it is essential for life. From that name “LotusLakes” can be described as a business growth during in high tide or low tide. The existence of lotuslakes golf club in Karawang district, where is Karawang known as industrial area and hot area, LotusLakes Golf Club able to balance environmental as a “Green Belt” when in LotusLakes Golf Club, feel like in new horizon. Oasis in the middle of busy bustling area.